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The Plant2Pro® Carnot Institute proposes a partner-oriented research offer of high added value to companies, businesses, professional organisations, cooperatives and stakeholders in the field of plant agriculture.


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A partner for businesses

Supported by INRAE, the Plant2Pro® Carnot Institute gathers together teams 16 academic research laboratories from INRAE, AgroCampus Ouest, AgroParisTech, AgroSup Dijon, Montpellier SupAgro, and CNRS - as well as 3 agricultural technical institutes – Arvalis, The French Wine and Vine Institute (IFV) and Terres Inovia.


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The Plant2Pro® proposes and integrated and multidisciplinary R&D offer "from laboratory to field", and does so to support innovative partner-oriented research.






Due to its scientific excellence and its commitment to developing high-quality partner-oriented research, Plant2Pro® is favoured as a partner by businesses and stakeholders in plant innovation.



A multidisciplinary research offer

The Plant2Pro®Carnot Institute provides businesses with R&D skills spanning 4 major themes :


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Plant2Pro® qualifies the needs of businesses from its laboratories, guides their projects and follows their development.

For whom ?



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Plant2Pro® targets seed and plant markets, green biotechnologies, from plant protection through biocontrol, biostimulants and phytosanitary protection, agricultural equipment and digital farming.

In these economic sectors, Plant2Pro is the partner of companies, businesses, professional organisations, farmers, cooperatives, private laboratories, associations, inter-branch organisations, industries.


Partnerships with over 227 private stakeholders including 36% of SME & start-ups

691 research contracts in 2019

430 partnership-research projects