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The Plant2Pro® Carnot Institute has initiated a quality process with the aim of developing high-level academic research and harmonious partner-oriented research focusing on innovation. 


The quality process set up by the Plant2Pro® arnot Institute targets contractualisation procedures in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard in order to obtain certification.




The Plant2Pro® Carnot Institute's quality policy is based around three strategic themes :

  • To set up a process, in line with quality standards, that involves the Plant2Pro® Carnot Institute staff involved in research contract negotiations,
  • To have access to tools with good contractualisation practices within the Plant2Pro® Carnot Institute,
  • To harmonise the contractualisation practices between the Plant2Pro® Carnot Institute's supervisory bodies to satisfy the private partner.

This quality policy enables the development of industrial partnerships with the Plant2Pro® teams in accordance with its strategy whilst improving partner satisfaction in terms of research contract appraisal.
Quality objectives, in relation to these focuses, are defined, assessed and reviewed during the organised management review at least once per year within Plant2Pro®.







Why collaborate with Plant2Pro®?


  • An integrated and multidisciplinary research offer "from laboratory to field", offered to businesses in the seed and plant sectors, biocontrol, digital farming and agricultural equipment.


  • A unique portal for use by businesses to access a wide range of skills and expertise to create personalised research collaborations.


  • A simplified contractual process, based on the creation of a quality approach that respects the Charter of the Carnot Institutes to ensure professionalism, traceability, reliability and speed in contract appraisal:
    • harmonisation of contractualisation practices between partner bodies through the creation of different tools
    • designation of a primary representative for negotiations
    • commitment to controlling appraisal periods
    • particular attention paid to stakeholders during negotiations with the aim of better satisfying their demands


  • Internal financing of quality scientific resourcing projects,in line with developmental focuses in the activities of Plant2Pro®:
    • To accelerate the processes of varietal innovation and maximise the use of genetic diversity by developing and implementing plant biotechnologies
    • To innovate in the field of crop health protection
    • To develop and adapt innovative cropping systems by mobilising digital agriculture
    • To improve the provision of ecosystemic services (including production), in a context of global changes, by acting together to mobilise plant improvements (new characteristics) and the evolution of cropping systems


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