We work together to build R&D project by listening to your demands and facilitating your contractualisation procedures.

The Plant2Pro® Carnot Institute particularly promotes research based on partnerships with the businesses and stakeholders in the field of plant production.

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The possible contract types

Direct research (from short-term projects to multi-year research programmes)

Partner-oriented research translates to the creation of research contracts, the methods for which are facilitated by our quality approach. It is based on a common scientific project with specific objectives, tasks and expected deliverables. Partnerships between businesses and our organisations aim to enable R&D projects to be conducted (from short-term projects to multi-year research) and new knowledge to be gained whilst taking into account any problems encountered by each party.








Collaborative research

Research collaborations can involve other partners in the academic or private field and may originate from subsidised projects.





Tests and trials on technological platforms

We will provide you with state-of-the-art research and development equipment to support your research and development work.





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Guidance and expertise

The Plant2Pro® Carnot Institute's technical institutes offer guidance and expertise that are adapted to the problems encountered within your subjects and sectors.





CIFRE grant

This type of collaboration allows you to recruit a doctoral student for 3 years. The doctoral student, who will be involved in the team of the business they have been invited to work with, will guide the implications of his or her research work by combining an academic approach with the limitations related to plant production. The CIFRE contract enables you to access internationally-recognised scientific excellence and to support partner-oriented research collaborations.​ 








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