A few examples of innovative technologies and results produced through research collaborations between the Plant2Pro® Carnot Institute and stakeholders in the field of plant agriculture


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  • HYPER-REC : a technology to stimulate genetic recombinations Open or Close
    P2P 4a Success Stories  The HYPER-REC technology helps to reduce the number of crossovers and the size of populations in the process of varietal selection in all species, whilst increasing the number of meiotic recombinations by a factor of 7.5. This technology is based on the introgression of natural recessive mutations in elite genetic material in plants upstream of a selection procedure.

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    P2P 4a Success Stories3  The Rhizotron system, which includes the RhizoTube and RhizoCab technologies, is a cropping system enabling the phenotyping of the root system of plants in a non-destructive manner, alone and in combination, as well as the result of the interactions between plants and microorganisms at root level.

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    PDT IGEPP The Institute for Genetics, the Environment and Plant Protection (UMR IGEPP) teams from Rennes and Ploudaniel have identified genes that resist the main pathogenic agents in potatoes, which has led to the inscription by French plant breeders of 13 new varieties of potato that are resistant to the catalogue since 2008.

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  • ROVIPO: the versatile viticulture robot Open or Close
    P2P 4a Success Stories5 Naïo technologies has developed a mechanical weeding robot for the vine in partnership with the French Wine and Vine Institute (IFV). It allows relevant data to be recorded when work is ongoing, and other vineyard operations to be carried out, such as mowing, pruning and the spraying of phytosanitary products.

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  • SOJAMIP: Soy with high water-use efficiency Open or Close
    Sojamip P2P

    The SOJAMIP project's aim is to create new cropping technics and soy varieties with good quality and with a high water use efficiency, answering to the Midi-Pyrénées area's concerns. The project was made in collaboration with several partners in the area: Terre Inovia, INRA, Région Midi-Pyrénées, INP Toulouse Purpan, RAGT 2n, Euralis semences, Onidol.

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  • EVOLEP : sustainable management of resistances to the phoma Open or Close
    3 5b macules phoma colza jung

    The EVOLEP project was coordinated by Terres Inovia as part of the UMT Pivert. Its aim was to perfect at the level of a local area management strategies for cropping systems, with a view to limiting the risk of phoma on rapeseed and ensuring the long-term effectiveness of varietal resistances.

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