Sur la thématique « Plantes de service et services des plantes », le Carnot Plant2Pro® organisera le 11 octobre prochain à Paris une journée Les Rencontres Plant2Pro®, Sciences & Partenariats. L'Institut Carnot Plant2Pro® y présentera son offre de recherche et d’innovation à destination des partenaires socio-économiques qui font de l’agroécologie le levier de leur compétitivité. 

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Vous pouvez désormais consulter la version en ligne du premier rapport d'activité de l'institut Carnot Plant2Pro édité, vous présentant les actions phares de l'institut Carnot depuis sa création. 


Voir le rapport d'activité 2016-2017

Rapport dactivités 


The Plant2Pro® Carnot Institute jointly organised with Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation on 15 may 2018 a "Research & Business" one-day symposium about the technological advances in the high-throughput phenotyping of whole plants.

80 participants have discovered the range of research and innovation solutions available at the Plant2Pro® Carnot Institute during a "Research & Business" one-day symposium, structured around presentations of research results, “B2B” encounters with scientists from the Plant2Pro® Carnot Institute and other participants in the symposium, and visits of two high-throughput phenotyping platforms in Toulouse, AGROPHEN and HELIAPHEN.

J TECH carre 

In July 2018, the Plant2Pro® Carnot Institute obtained ISO 9001 certification for the adoption of good practices with industrial partners in relation to contractualisation and intellectual property rights.

Initiated as soon as it got its Carnot in July 2016, the Plant2Pro® quality process aims to develop high- level academic research and harmonious partner-oriented research focusing on innovation. Following the audit conducted by an independent body in late June 2018, Plant2Pro® has successfully obtained the ISO 9001:2015 version certification of its quality management system. This certification is one of the commitments made by Plant2Pro® at the time its label was launched, and represents the culmination of an approach initiated when the institute was created.

The GIS BV has since September 2016 initiated a series of consultations with public and private partners, members and non-members of the GIS BV, around six thematics considered as priorities for plant innovation:

  • Genetic diversity and pre-breeding
  • Genetic control of pathogens and parasites
  • Mastering recombination
  • Genome editing
  • Secondary metabolites in plants
  • Photosynthesis, plant architecture and roots

The synthesis of these reflections has been addressed to the whole of our scientific community. It can be downloaded from the link below.


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